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 Critically Endangered Right Whale Who Gave Birth Despite Chronic Entanglement Spotted off Cape Cod!
By The WDC

Snow Cone in April 2022 
Center for Coastal Studies, NOAA permit 18786
"Snow Cone is an adult female who was first documented in March 2021 with entangling rope on the top of her head. At that time, the trained and permitted disentanglement team from the Center for Coastal Studies removed hundreds of feet of rope from her, but some remained wrapped through her baleen.

By May, she made her way to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada where she was documented and disentanglement efforts continued throughout the summer. By October, she was back in US waters south of Cape Cod where she was sighted again in November, still entangled and the wound on her head looked more concerning.

On December 3rd she was sighted by survey teams off of Georgia, and not unexpectedly, she was still entangled. However, very unexpectedly, she was sighted with a calf by her side! Surprise!." - WDC

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 These whales are on the brink. Now comes climate change - and wind power.
By The Washington Post

"With only about 300 left, the North Atlantic right whale ranks as one of the world's most endangered marine mammals. Nearly annihilated centuries ago by whalers, the slow-swimming species is said to have earned its name because it was the 'right' whale to hunt." - Washington Post

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